The dishes are done, man.

Welcome to the very first blog post of Light Wings Photography!

Now, don’t mind me while I take a moment to just breathe. Aaaaahhhh. The. Website. Is. Done.

I don’t know if it’s in my husband and my nature or if we’re just flat out crazy, but every single template we bought to save time…we completely changed. The website, logo, watermark, business card design and packaging (which you will see in a future blog post) are all the result of many late nights pouring over Pinterest for ideas, making master web design plans, crash courses in graphic and web design, troubleshooting galore, changing everything at least 17 times and a few too many Red Bulls.

But we’re done. And despite the few times where I seriously second guessed the direction we were heading…I love the end result.  It is so me.  And so my family.  I hope you all love it too.  So, take a look around.  Let us know what you think.  And check back soon, because I have a backlog of posts from my portfolio building sessions over the last few months that I cannot wait to share with you!



Light Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPin

P.S.  If you know which movie the title of this post came from, then we’re friends. ;)

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