Now Booking 2016 Photo Sessions!

Recently, I took a little “hiatus” from my photography business so that I could focus more on my family.

I say “hiatus” in quotes because, in the four months that I was supposed to be taking a break from photography, I:

•  Went to a photography conference in Atlanta, GA where I learned a ton of information, met some really inspiring photographers and was basically in photography heaven.

•  I shot a newborn session, five studio mini sessions and two concept shoots.

•  I finally caught up on editing all the images of my daughter from last year (there were a lot).

•  I practiced shooting nature, macro and landscape images.

•  I shot lifestyle images of my daughter for entire days at least once a week for the first four months of the year.

•  I entered a huge photography contest and one of my images placed in the Top 100 for it’s category (50th place out of 13,283 images entered!).  Over half of the photos I entered made it to the Top 30% or higher.

•  And, I continued to take online classes, read about photography and make plans for when LWP would “re-open”.

So, what I learned from my little “hiatus” the most, was that I will probably never be able to quit photography.

It is a huge part of my world and I want to pour my heart and soul into capturing families again, using everything that I’ve learned over the last four months.

For that reason, I am happy to announce that I am now booking sessions from June though November of this year!

If you’re interested in booking a session or would just like more information, click this link to contact me and I will send you our new pricing list, which includes a special discount for all return clients now.  I’ll also be sharing a blog post soon that goes into a little more detail about the change in our collections, our products and services offered and why I think these changes mean awesome things for all of my clients. :)

And because all LWP blog posts must contain pictures, here are some of the lifestyle images I’ve been shooting of my own family while on my “break”:

Light Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPin

Light Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPin

Light Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPinLight Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPin

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