Mozi Magazine #happy Contest Winner!

There is a magazine for photographers called Mozi Magazine ( and it is run by some of my favorite photographers, including the amazingly talented Jean Smith.  A few months ago, they held an Instagram #happy image contest.  I was currently editing one of my favorite photos from our portfolio sessions and decided to throw it in the ring on a whim.  And I won!!  They shared my image on their Instagram account (Instagram Post) and I won a free copy of the most recent child and family edition of Mozi Magazine.  Honestly though, just being acknowledged by photographers that I have a crazy amount of respect for rendered me speechless.  Thanks to Mozi Mag and Jean Smith for making my year! :)

Below is the image that won, in black and white.  It is the visual definition of #happy, if I do say so myself. ;)

Light Wings Photography | www.lightwingsphoto.comPin

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