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Gather around and let me tell you a little story about a crazy fun photo shoot we did earlier this month.  It all started with a Facebook status update…

At the time, Brian and I weren’t friends on Facebook, but my friend Todd recommended me within minutes of Brian’s post.  Over the next couple of weeks, we came to find out that Brian and his wife Vanessa and my husband and I were actually connected multiple ways through mutual friends, but hadn’t met more than once or twice over the years.  So, Brian sent me a friend request and we started messaging:


Well, after Brian and Vanessa talked to more than 10 other photographers, it turns out our “hell yeah” response won us the job.  I’m sure Marty McFish helped as well.  They told us that they had chose us on Saturday and we met up on Monday evening to discuss the shoot in detail.  Vanessa needed awesome giant 80’s hair and make-up too, so I texted my girl Rachel to see if she’d be available to do her hair and make-up and her response was “Heck yeah!”, (are we a match made in heaven or what?).  They decided to do a Mini-Session along with the poster shot and we wanted to get the shoot done that very weekend, so everyone started planning.  Tuesday and Wednesday, my husband started working on the design of the logo for the poster while I came up with other props and ideas for the shoot.  Brian and Vanessa went on a mad hunt to find authentic costumes in such a short time period.

By Thursday, Brian was at a dead end on finding a DeLorean that we could use for the shoot and we were discussing buying a stock photo and Photoshopping it in (insert sad faces all around).  So, Thursday night, I did a little Google searching and came across a Michigan DeLorean club and a contact link.  I sent an e-mail and crossed my fingers.  Long story short, within 24 hours, I was in contact with a man named Joe who a) had a DeLorean, b) lived 30 minutes away, c) could come to the shoot on Sunday and d) already had a Flux Capacitor installed in the car.  After setting up all the details, I may have jumped around the house a few times issuing a few triumphant fist pumps. :)

Sunday rolls around and this shoot, which came together in less than a week, was complete with Marty and Jennifer outfits, a DeLorean with Flux Capacitor, vintage Pepsi bottles, a skateboard, a walkman, a red electric guitar, “Save the Clock Tower” flyers, a recreated “You’re Fired” fax from the 2nd movie that said “You’re Pregnant”, a recreated Almanac and gorgeous summer weather.  Everything just fell into place perfectly, as if we had weeks to plan it.

Here are my favorite shots from that day…

Light Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPin

Light Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPin

After the shoot, my husband and I got to work on the biggest part of the project, which was the recreated poster.  We worked on this image hand-in-hand from start to finish.  I did all of the initial edits on the photo, while he digitally created the background.  I created the lightening behind the logo, but Matt re-worked it until it looked perfect.  He created the main logo, while I created the rest of the text.  We tried all kinds of different ideas, but didn’t keep anything that we both didn’t love.  In the end, we think the poster turned out awesome.  We sent it over to Brian and Vanessa to approve one week after the shoot and they loved it!  Here is the final poster:

Light Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPin

Once they approved the final image, we sent it over to the printer.  And trust me, the printed poster is even better than the digital version (public service announcement…make sure to print your photos!).  I met up with Brian and Vanessa on Friday night to deliver their USB and poster to them so that they could frame it and get it ready for the big reveal the next day.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending the party at their house with their closest friends and family where they unveiled the poster and the awesome news.  It was an honor to be included in such a special time in their lives and it was so fun to see how absolutely overjoyed their family was to hear that there is a baby Titus on the way.

All in all, it was one of the most fun and rewarding photo shoots that I’ve ever done and I loved having the opportunity to work creatively side-by-side with my husband.  To Brian and Vanessa, we are so grateful that you chose to work with us and just wanted to say thank you once again.  Congratulations and best wishes on your pregnancy!!

Oh, and after Brian and Vanessa’s shoot was done, my family had to get a few shots with the car as well.  It’s not every day you get to see a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor.  Matt even put on Joe’s Marty McFly costume!

Light Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPinLight Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPin

Special thanks go out to Rachel Gallagher of Salon Legato for Vanessa’s awesome 80’s hair and make-up and to Joe (pictured below) for being so accommodating and so much fun to work with!
Light Wings Photography | #photography #conceptshoot #pregnancyannouncement #backtothefuture #babyinthefuture #deloreanPin


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